When planning a new or renovated kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your beautiful cabinets work with a fabulous backsplash. What’s trending in backsplash features? We’ve asked the design experts at Kelowna’s Spectrum Cabinet Gallery to fill us in.

Slab Backsplashes

If you want to give your kitchen the latest look, think about installing what interior designers call a “slab backsplash.” Popular in marble or stone-textured countertop materials, the concept takes your horizontal surface and extends it up the kitchen wall to the 2-3’ level. Like traditional backsplashes, this easy-to-clean surface is practical and attractive.
Unlike traditional, tiled backsplashes, the slab is molded as one piece with the countertop itself. There is no joint at the wall to collect dirt and bacteria. Wiping down the countertop and behind the sink has never been easier — or prettier!

Shaped Tiles

If your space can’t incorporate the new wrap-up-the-wall look, how about traditional tiles in funky new shapes?
Rectangular tiles can be installed at an angle, for a diagonal look. Tiles with curved edges give a uniquely fresh, artistic flare. Think about matching the style of your cabinet hardware. The sky’s the limit in all the layout options available.

Windows in a Backsplash?

A fresh, contemporary look is possible if you are planning a new renovation. Imagine if your backsplash was window glass — looking out to your yard!
This unique option lets in natural light and provides an attractive depth-perspective to your countertops. The outside moves in, as you and your guest enjoy the artistry of a new and striking modern look.
counter sink with gray cabinet and mirror glass backsplash using lighting on the top sink

Thinking about a New Kitchen?

This spring, why not refresh your home with a kitchen reno? If you would like to discuss a kitchen redesign with experts who know how provide top-quality and fresh ideas, reach out to Spectrum Cabinet Gallery today. Visit our showroom for ideas!