Are you dreaming of a custom walk-in closet? We’ve got some important things to keep in mind before you speak to your cabinet designer.

1. Find the right height for your top shelf.

Usually this is just above eye level. In a closet, space is key. Nothing can be wasted. If the top shelf is too high for you to easily see or access, it loses much of its usefulness. That’s a lot of space you can use.

2. Make sure your shelves are deep enough.

If your shelves are too shallow, you won’t be able to put much on them. At 12” deep, your shelf won’t be able to hold most sweaters, shoes or clothes. 14” depth is enough to hold folded clothes without them draping over the edge.

3. Use drawers!

Drawers are fantastic for closet efficiency. Did you know you can store a lot more clothes in a drawer than you can hanging on a rod? Even better – drawers look nice and neat at all times. Even if the inside is a mess of clothes thrown together, you’ll never know it if the drawer is closed! You can’t say the same for clothes tossed on a rod.

4. Make shelves adjustable.

Your needs will change over time, so make sure your closet can be adjusted to change with them.

5. Decide if you really need a bench

Many walk-in closets on TV show a bench in the middle of the room. While handy for putting on shoes, it isn’t essential. Better to use this space for deeper cupboards and drawers.

Clearly Communicate Your Dreams

When you work with a professional closet/cabinet designer it’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for. What features are most important to you? What do you absolutely need? You’re designing the perfect closet for you. Your designer can only do that if they clearly understand what you want. Don’t be afraid to say what you like or don’t like.
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