A focal point is the place your eye goes to when you first enter a room. In your kitchen, a stylish sink is the ideal place to create a bit of splash.
We all know that your kitchen sink is the workhorse of your family’s daily routines. Even though dishwashers have taken over the hard work of washing up, a sink is still essential. It grabs those dirty dishes when you don’t have time to load, it needs to be handy for rinsing vegetables, and it can hold cleaned pots that won’t fit your dishwasher when drying. Let’s look to your kitchen sink to be practical and also add beauty and style to a new or renovated kitchen.

The Farmer Sink Is Still Hot

Installing a farmhouse sink has been a favourite look for years. Rectangular with a deep basin and a timeless, classic look, they are highly functional and elegantly simple in design. Usually in ceramic white, the added feature of a tall-spout faucet with attached extension nozzle ensures that washing up is easy as pie.

Sinks with Efficiency Built In

A multi-purpose workstation at your sink allows you to focus on getting out of the kitchen fast. With double-sinks, fitted chopping boards, and custom sieve slots, food can be washed and chopped efficiently, even as dirty dishes are soaking. A double-sink allows for quick hand-washing and reduces the chance of bacteria and germs spreading.
An island sink where the kids can wash up, a corner sink in a smaller kitchen, or an eye-popping glossy black basin — these are all trending ideas to make your kitchen both functional and beautiful.
preparing salad in the kitchen

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