In our challenging times, many parents and students have decided to stick with home schooling protocols, and this means renovating to accommodate a study area. Staying organized is paramount to good study habits and our custom cabinet designs can help with those goals. Small rooms can look wider with the right designs and colour choice, especially when cabinets keep clutter out of the way. Built-in desks and bookshelves conserve space and should be built at the right height for the student. You’ll want drawers for smaller items, and bookshelves built logically into the design where resource material and textbooks are easy to reach.

Lighting Tips For Your Study Room Cabinets

Most of us are used to online study and the blue light emitted by PCs and laptops, but electronic light can cause eye strain and headaches when natural or soft light is unavailable. It’s almost impossible to concentrate on studies in dim lighting. When we visit you on-site for preplanning, we will take the room’s natural light source into design considerations. Windows can be updated and framed to match your choice of new cabinet material and color matched to existing home decor. Natural light decreases dramatically during the winter months when study sessions are in full swing, so another source of lighting needs to be available. We build custom lighting into cabinets and desk areas to help students stay comfortable. Ask us about recessed lighting (a gorgeous addition to your new cabinets) and different options that fit best into your custom plans.

Cabinet Tops for Study Areas

We have several options available in countertop or desktop material that is durable and easy to clean with a huge selection of colours and patterns to choose from. Industry studies suggest that the best colour to incorporate into academic areas are light tones of grey and blue and soft whites that help students focus. If you need more colour, vibrancy and pattern can be added with the addition of creative hardware.
Kitchen desk areas are becoming increasingly popular as home office and study-at-home culture becomes more common. If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, this is the perfect time to plan with us so we can design a new kitchen study area to match your new style, including your choice of countertops and lighting.

Call us with your new study room ideas!

Contact us to discuss your renovation plans. Spectrum Cabinet Gallery’s staff is experienced at customizing cabinet space and we will assist through all the planning and preparation stage. Ergonomics for study areas will be discussed to facilitate posture and reduce physical strains caused by keyboarding and sitting for long periods of time. Customized counter height and lighting can be planned into your designs so the end results of your new study room will be successful.