Cabinet Designs Throughout Your Home

Cabinets, libraries, and vanities to showcase your treasures, are not just confined to a kitchen. When we think of overall home design, balance is the happy consequence of customizing the entire living area with cabinets to suit your lifestyle. Cabinet designs start with inspiration and we hope to work with you for creative results that improve your home aesthetics.

Designing for Comfort

One look at this room immediately invokes a sense of comfort. Custom cabinets measured to fit perfectly onto a side wall or private space combined with personalized colour relieves the room of clutter and matches furniture preferences. This is a space where home bodies can destress after work or school and we owe it all to the customized cabinets and shelving.

Designing Storage Cabinets

There are ways to remove the clutter (and yet, we know those items are valuable!) from your home while preserving architectural style. Custom storage cabinets fit under stairs, closets and pantries or anywhere unused space is wasted. These drawers will safely store blankets, food, emergency goods, books and toys. Customized cabinets are the perfect solution for keeping play rooms and nurseries tidy and add valuable storage space to small homes such as cottages, suites and carriage houses.

Let’s Get Started

To find photos to kickstart your design process, try Google images, home improvement sites and Pinterest. Once you have a basic idea of the room and cabinet design you want to develop, call us for a product and drafting consultation and we can finalize your plans.
Not sure where to start? Contact the team at The Spectrum Cabinet Gallery for imagination and innovation today. It has been our privilege to work with general contractors and individual homeowners throughout the Okanagan for decades, and we still thrill at the prospect of seeing their dreams come true.

Our Custom Cabinet Solutions for Okanagan Homeowners

All the best for this holiday season from your friends at The Spectrum Cabinet Gallery in Kelowna.
Honesty, integrity and personalized service are our goals at The Spectrum Cabinet Gallery. We offer customized solutions for your new kitchen renovation to last a lifetime, build value in your home and add quality to living. Give us a ring for your no-obligation consultation and quote. We understand budgets and build cabinets for every possible home design or renovation plan. Our team would love to work with you to make your project a success.