A wonderful way of updating your master bedroom or a child’s room is to incorporate new custom cabinetry. You’ll be surprised how affordable this can be, because it won’t involve the complexity of plumbing, countertops and appliances!
Our Kelowna showroom is brimming with great ideas for your home or cottage. Spruce up your bedrooms this year with some contemporary cabinets and handy new storage options!

All the Advantages

Installing cabinets in a bedroom can provide these great advantages:
  • Space-saving storage — under the bed, in odd-sized spaces, and with floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets
  • Give your room a coordinated look with wood grain feature pieces
  • Clean up the clutter and have it tucked away attractively
  • Coordinate your bedroom look with your existing ensuite or closet cabinets
  • Install bedside tables that are extra-wide or have built-in heat vents (defectors)
  • Include customized locations for USB charging outlets
  • Add mood lighting and dimmer controls for a special feeling and stunning look
  • Choose from many drawer combinations, such as shallow drawers for jewellery and deeper ones for seasonal clothing storage
  • Feature an integrated design that sets off windows and art pieces
  • Add a large screen for late night TV and movies that doesn’t over-dominate the room
  • Add mirror or glass features to enlarge the appearance of the room
If your room doesn’t have a walk-in closet, consider that built-in cabinets can provide the same convenience and storage space. And, if your walk-in closet is normally cluttered and hard to manage, we can also help with a consultation. Transform it into the useful and stunning space it was originally intended to be!

Visit our Showroom

Call our office and arrange a visit with our expert designers to find out how custom cabinetry can give your bedroom new pizzazz. Spectrum is proud to serve the Okanagan Valley from their Kelowna headquarters. Reach out to us today!