Get out of the ordinary with new colour complements to brighten your custom cabinets. What are colour complements? This year, warmer tones continue to trend in kitchen cabinet designs, including autumnal oranges, complemented with beige and aqua. Complements are colours taken directly across your colour chart, and when placed side by side, they accent each other, making warm colours warmer. Not into warm tones? For a more masculine choice, try green with grey, or blue with complementary slate. The strongest complementary colour combinations are red and cyan, green and magenta and blue vs yellow. If you love the creative appeal of these spectacular colour combinations, you can choose one main colour for your cabinets then use the complement or “opposite colour” in your choice of hardware, classic retro appliances or other elements of home décor.
If you’re in the early stages of designing your home updates, bring your plans in to us and we can help you explore colour complements with the use of virtual software so you can see the end results even before you start. We’ll encourage you to explore colour combinations and feel comfortable with the finals before moving on to the next phase of project development.


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