A kitchen island is more than just an extra workspace—it’s also a great area to dine with family and friends. With the right design and some strategic seating, you can easily transform your kitchen into a comfortable dining area. Here are some tips on how to make your kitchen island the favourite place to gather in your home.

Create Extra Space for Prepping and Eating Meals

The size and shape of your kitchen island will determine how many people you can comfortably seat around it. Try to leave at least 6 inches of overhang on the sides for comfortable legroom; a 9-12 inch overhang would be even better. If space allows, consider adding barstools or chairs that look more like traditional dining room furniture for an added touch of luxury.
One great way to maximize seating is by adding counter stools that fold away when not in use. This allows you to clear up some extra space for prepping meals or setting out buffet dishes during larger gatherings. Plus, it helps keep the area tidy when not in use. And if you’re really tight on space, consider adding stools with arms that can be tucked away under the countertop when not in use.

Storage Solutions

If you’re looking to make the most out of your kitchen island, storage solutions are key! Cabinets or open shelving make great places to store dishes, utensils, pots and pans, and other items used for prepping meals and entertaining guests. Open shelving also makes a great spot to display beautiful dinnerware or glassware—it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing!
Whether you want extra workspace or a cozy spot for dining with family and friends, making the most out of your kitchen island is easy! Start by leaving enough overhang on the sides so everyone has plenty of legroom while seated around it; barstools or chairs with backs also add an extra level of comfort while dining. Consider adding storage solutions like cabinets or open shelving so you can store items used for prepping meals as well as any decorative pieces that will bring warmth and character into your kitchen space! With just a few tweaks here and there, your kitchen island will soon become the favorite place to dine in your home!

Custom Dining Islands for Kelowna Homeowners

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