There’s a new kid in town for your next kitchen addition. Have you seen the stove cooktop that’s integrated directly into your kitchen countertop? It’s invisible!

Hide the Mess

If you’re tired of your stereotypical kitchen set up, we have the perfect 2022 new look for your kitchen!
Invisible stoves consist of electric induction burners that sit below your countertop. They come in two- and four-burner options. To the viewer, it’s like there was nothing there! There are no dangerous hot burners, and they provide superior energy efficiency, too!
With all the talk recently about toxic gas stove emissions in our homes, it’s time to make a health — and attractive — change for the better. Invisible counter-top stoves may improve your cooking results, provide more options for your kitchen layout, and eliminate sources of dangerous heat and gas.

Great for Small Kitchens or Big

Invisible countertop technology uses induction to generate heat. Having a flame or electric coil between the heat source and your cookware isn’t necessary. The heat source and controls are typically accessed through a hidden panel that looks like a cutlery drawer beneath your countertop – how elegant! You’ll have all the advantages of induction cooking in your kitchen.
For smaller kitchens (cabins, apartments, boats, RVs, and condos), an invisible stovetop saves space and increases countertop functionality.

How it Works

Induction heat uses electromagnetism to heat your cookware. Your stainless steel and cast-iron pots and pans will work, but aluminum cookware doesn’t allow for induction heat transfer. If you’re unsure, test your pots using a strong magnet on the bottom — if it sticks, the cookware will work.
Want to know more? Here’s a link to a helpful resource showing the advantages of induction cooking.
Many Canadians are already enjoying the new invisible cooktop! Drop by and speak to the cabinet experts at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery in Kelowna to find out how easy and affordable adding this to your kitchen design can be!