When planning your kitchen for your home – mansion or cottage – we know that getting value for your money and being in control of your custom design is important to you. The good versus the bad (or possibly the disaster) begins with choosing a reliable and experienced kitchen contractor. If you’re making a list of potential contractors, call them. By the end of your interview, there’s no doubt you will understand if they are knowledgeable in their field and credible as a contractor.
Look at their credentials. For example, if they offer design services, do they have certification in their field? The planning stage should include details for all the preparation of your new kitchen cabinet installs, function and ergonomics. The design process identifies your personal style down to counter height and colour schemes. While the initial stage of your new kitchen or renovation is hard work, the importance of this stage should not be overlooked. If your contractor is not prepared to discuss and work out these details, beware.
Do they use quality, branded building material for their custom cabinets? Don’t be fooled into buying low quality kitchen cabinets at high prices. Ask your contractor for brand information so you can double check the quality. Here at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery, we use branded Canadian made cabinets because we have found in our years of sourcing construction material, our local industry manufactures the highest quality wood for beauty and functionality. We are Canadian proud, and invite you to ask us about the building material we use.
Are they a professional company? If they are, they will have a legitimate website with clear contact information and a physical location that you can find on Google maps. After selecting a contractor, get your quote finalized in writing. It may be that you allow for flexibility in design and materials as you watch your project unfolding, but your contractor should be able to give a fairly firm end-project figure and stay on a designated budget.
Is your contractor insured? Ask them if they are members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. Professional industry associations sort the pros from the cons by supporting legitimate members.
Other questions to consider when choosing a legitimate kitchen contractor: How experienced are they? Do they have an established presence in the community? How long have they been in business?
Check references and testimonials. Testimonials are valuable because they allow you to tap into the experience of previous customers. Often, testimonials are the tipping point for consumers when making their choice because they offer clear unbiased endorsement.
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Not sure where to start? Contact the team at The Spectrum Cabinet Gallery for support. We have worked with many homeowners over the years (41 to be exact!) and understand how important honesty and personalized service is to you. We don’t pressure anyone into choices they don’t need or want. We help you make informed buying decisions through inspired design. Your cabinets are important to you, and your trust is important to us.
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