Make the Most of a Small Space

Well designed walk-ins take remove clutter and create usable space for everyday living. Although small, your closet is your go-to every day as you decide what to wear, process laundry and store seasonal clothing for easy access. Well organized closets can leave your bedroom more spacious as they replace dressers and all those clothes stacked up on your reading chair. They efficiently simplify everyday routines through organization, relieving main rooms from items to make your home more functional. Think open shelving, closet space for hanging clothes and drawers to pull for smaller items that otherwise look messy. Floating cabinets leave enough room to clean your floor and keep items away from dust. Floating cabinets also allow you to re-floor when the time comes, without tearing any closet material out.

Design for Function

Pot lights and electrical outlets – do you need them? As part of our planning and design process, we go over all the details of your custom cabinets to match the pace of your lifestyle. We have a passionate team to assist you from start to finish with years of experience in design and installation.


Do-it-yourself home improvement can save money and boost creativity while you’re stuck at home through current lockdowns. While this is true for small projects, customized closets need planning, design and proper installation for functionality. Durability is one of the most problematic results for DIY’ers as pre-purchased kits don’t fit the available space properly and shelving material and clips warp and break. Ergonomics is another dilemma for box store kits, when your items end stacked up in unreachable zones and closet rods are installed incorrectly, causing your clothes to hang improperly. If you’re cutting your own building material – PVC or wood, you’ll have the debris and dust to clean up after project completion. We invite you to consider taking the stress out of your new walk-in closet project and hire our professional designers and installation experts. We do all the design planning and material cutting in our shop, not your home, to make our installations a perfectly smooth operation, with less installation time and less noise and mess. You’ll be happy with the end results, guaranteed.
Our specialty is building custom cabinets for homes in the Okanagan. Not sure where to start? Call us for more information on how to plan your own customized cabinets for walk-in closets. We help you make informed buying decisions by sharing our experience and knowledge of quality cabinet making in Kelowna. Our founder, Steve Webb, has over 41 years of experience that you can rely on.