When designing a new home or renovating, there are SO many decisions -some big, some small. The big decisions may not be easily noticed, such as ceiling height, closet space, or plumbing and heating systems. Often it is the small details that your guests will admire – flooring, kitchen tile and paint colour, light fixtures, and the hardware on your kitchen cabinets.
The right knob or pull can greatly improve the visual appeal of a room, while they also need to be practical – you use these multiple times a day and they should work without a thought.
So how do you choose the right hardware for your cabinets?

1. Expert Advice on What’s Available

The experts at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery can advise you on the latest styles for knobs or pull handles. Knobs are smaller than pulls; they are less expensive too. They are also slightly easier to install than pulls since you only need one screw to secure the knob to the surface. However, cupboard and drawer pulls are larger, make more of a statement, and are easier to grip and use. Pulls tend to complement larger cabinets better, particularly when the contents are heavy. This hardware will be used constantly so be sure to visit a showroom and try the many products available. Ask about shipping times to ensure the hardware will be ready when your cabinets are installed.

2. Choose the style of hardware you want

Your cabinet hardware should match the style of the room – contemporary or farmhouse! Hardware that is more ornate, having ridges, textured detailing, or a curved silhouette will work better with heritage-inspired house designs. Hardware that is sleeker and more minimal, with the right smooth finishes and clean lines, is suited to a more modern design.

3. Determine the size of hardware you want to use

Your hardware size should fit the size of the cabinet you want to use. Within your kitchen, your cabinets may come in different sizes, so it can be a bit difficult to determine what exact size of hardware to use. It is generally recommended that when you use pulls, the pull length should be quite long and at least one-third of the cabinet width. For larger cabinets, knobs should not be used at all. Consult a kitchen cabinet designer for guidance on these dimensions.

4. Determine the finish

Cabinet hardware should complement the look and feel of your house or room. What color are your cabinets? What is the color of the paint on the walls? What about your appliances and lighting in the room? Generally, spaces with warmer tones work well with darker metals for a vintage feel, while cooler tones and dark cabinets feel more contemporary. Brushed nickel is an excellent choice for modern hardware. However, ultimately, it’s your space. Let it reflect your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to break the mold!

Visit our Showroom

Come into Spectrum Cabinet Gallery and let us help you with the finishing touches for a beautiful home. We not only have the cabinet hardware you need, but we will also guide you through the process of selecting the perfect choice that combines style and functionality. Give us a call and make an appointment with our kitchen designers!