Are you tired of the same-old look in your kitchen? Do you want to spice things up with a new look? Perhaps this isn’t the time for the hassle and expense of a full renovation. We have great ideas and can help with a fresh new look and stress-free planning and installation.
Our Okanagan friends at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery have put together a list of kitchen updates that will have your guests commenting on how wonderful your “new” kitchen looks! You may choose to do just one change, or plan a dozen changes over the coming year, to fit any budget.
Let’s take a look at their list of ideas:
  • Redesign your kitchen island with an overhanging counter-top for breakfast/snack seating
  • Redecorate the back of an island with raw wood planking veneer for a natural focal point
  • Retrofit your existing countertop to accommodate a small, handy sink
  • Inspire a steampunk feel by hanging lightbulb art instead of an overhead central light
  • Retrofit your existing cabinets for specialty storage use — talk to a Spectrum Cabinets designer about space-saving interior shelving and pull-out options
  • Build a dedicated recycling sorting system
  • Create or redesign a new pantry
  • Select individual cabinets to replace while combining colours and woods for a new effect
  • Update your backsplash with a new tile and colour
  • In an all-white kitchen, introduce vibrant colour for an inspirational feeling
  • Replace drawers with slow-guide rails that are quiet and add value to your home
  • Install a reading or sitting area under a sunny window using cushion-covered cabinetry

Drop By For a Chat

Want to learn more about any of the above ideas? Please drop in to our Showroom and speak with the experts at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery. We have decades of experience retrofitting and replace kitchens. Before you know it, you’ll have a stellar new look and a fresh feel for your Okanagan summer entertainment season. Call us for an appointment that works for you!