This year, blue is trending, not only for kitchens, but other rooms in the house as well. Psychologically, blue colours and shades create a calming effect, often described as peaceful, tranquil and orderly.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blues act as near-neutrals alongside soft grey tones and matte whites for a rich comforting appeal. They carry a range of tones from deep and dark to near white and can be added to neutral cabinets through lighting, backsplash tiles or hardware. As the darkest shade, Navy blue adds drama and impact to your kitchen with qualities comparable to black. Navy blue kitchen cabinets pair with marble or wood countertops as a rich contrast. Metallic toned hardware like silver or copper are this colour’s perfect complement. If your style tends toward baby blues, think of half tints or almost whites toned down to soften the light in your room. Soft on the eyes, and pleasantly neutral, light, white tones pair off with any other colour you add to the canvas. Blues complement each other, so using light and dark tones for cabinets create depth, and look gorgeous alongside your choice of white.

Blue Bathroom Cabinets

There’s no better colour than blue for the bathroom. A perfect match for anything watery, blue bathroom cabinets can be fun in combination with art tiles and decorative accents from towel racks to door hangers. But don’t limit your blues to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are an appealing choice for libraries and home study rooms.
Blues are conservative, traditional colours that inspire calmness and creativity. If you would like to explore new cabinet designs through computerized renderings, call us with your plans. Watching your ideas come alive onscreen can help you to visualize the final results.
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