Cabinet designs today are not only for storage but also add style and personality to any room. Your choices are highly subjective, but we always like to mention trends in 2021 you might not be aware of. If it is time to remodel and or install cabinetry from scratch consider these styles and make your cabinetry count.

Back to the Wood old days

The last 2 decades saw dark wood cabinets prevail. Not only a classic and vintage feel, but they also added a feeling of warmth to kitchens, bathrooms, and of course home offices. Hardwoods like maple are often used, but so are painted MDF and wood veneers. Still very popular, wooden cabinets make for an excellent tribute to the olden days while styled in modern designs.
What makes wood stand out today? It can be modern – in their natural colour or painted over with dark shades such as black, grey and cobalt blue to create intrigue.

Integration of cabinetry with tech

We have reached a point where gadgets have become our soulmates. So inseparable is the relationship why not integrate them into your cabinetry? At a minimum include concealed charging ports for devices and nooks for tablets or laptops. For technocrats, cabinetry can also have built-in wireless gadgets such as speakers.

Open-plan living space with an industrial touch

With the world currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Work-From-Home is the new normal; it is likely to stay the course for at another two years. It might be the best time to incorporate a home office into your residence. Elements of the office are coming into the living room and kitchen with industrial cabinets. This can be added through work-like elements such as stainless steel, glass, and open shelving. To further enhance your mental fortitude, add warmth with glass windows – opaque or clear – to your cabinet doors.

Downdraft Extractor Fans

Downdraft extractor fans are an invaluable addition to your kitchen, and they come in many styles. They can even be installed above an island cooktop

Revamp your Cabinets

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