PlanningSpectrum Cabinet Gallery

The designers at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery understand the importance of the planning stage of your renovation. We have decades of experience and a passion for revitalizing rooms with a focus on ergonomic cabinet design that suits your lifestyle, colour palette and budget. Details to consider when planning your kitchen, include thinking about how you move around in your kitchen. For example, where you store items like flatware and cooking utensils can determine where you want your appliances. Paths within the cooking zone should allow for freedom of movement and your island should be placed accordingly. Cabinets should wrap around you with convenience of reach, with countertops built to your appropriate height. Remember to let the light shine in! We don’t want to block out all that glorious sunshine, and a view of the garden from the sink area could be in your plans. How will you wrap the cabinets around your windows to create a convenient space, yet leave your kitchen feeling uncluttered and open? We help you through the initial design as we work together to get the perfect fit that suits your lifestyle.


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