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At this stage of planning, your new kitchen or bathroom plans are becoming clear. But have you thought about function and ergonomics? This is one more reason to hire the seasoned designers at Spectrum Cabinets Gallery. Some homeowners face mobility challenges that need to be worked into their renovation plans. Whatever your circumstances, your cabinets should be custom built to reduce the strain of movement. Over time, lifting, bending, and reaching for heavy items can precipitate chronic pain conditions in your shoulders, arms and back if your kitchen is not designed for ergonomic efficiency. Customized counter height for food preparation and focus on ease-of-reach for cabinetry is one of our goals, and if you are a leftie, we design cabinets specifically for you.

  • Should cabinets be taller and to the ceiling for increased storage?
  • Full access to the base cabinets with pullout drawer banks.
  • Identifying how you work in the kitchen.
  • Are there two cooks?
  • Any physical challenges that need to be accommodated?

Countertops have a wide range of cost from simple post-formed laminates to granite, quartz & Corian. It is important that the pros and cons for countertop material are explained as they have individual merits. Your choice will affect your budget accordingly.

Appliance information is important to the kitchen designer who will need to provide appropriate cabinetry to accommodate your existing or new appliances.

Flooring is another vital component of a new kitchen. a decision whether the flooring is to be installed prior to the cabinets needs to be determined. The type of flooring may dictate this and accommodations to the planning process will need to be addressed.

It is recommended that only licensed qualified plumbing and electricians be used.


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