In the 18th and 19th century, Shakers (who came to North America from England) made their furniture by hand. This style of furniture has simple lines and is made from solid wood (such as maple and oak). It grew in popularity because it was considered craftsmanship at its finest, and even today is an ideal choice for contemporary living and dining rooms.
Our design team at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery can help you select cabinets that are classic and yet reflect the very latest ideas from the 21st century. New cabinets can bring a fresh beauty to any room in your house or office.

Looking for Timeless Style

Shaker cabinets feature a recessed central panel on each door and overlay edging that gives cabinets a picture frame neatness. Timeless in look, Shaker cabinets in pure white or smoky grey provide the best of the old-school style with the chic of easy-to-clean, contemporary design.
A special feature that contrasts pleasingly with nearby banks of hanging cabinets in the Shaker style, is a feature cabinet. Consider a longer door (to the countertop or floor) or opaque glass. Add decorative fabric curtains inside for a splash of vibrant colour, or a delicate wrought iron look through inlaid scrolls in the glass panel(s).

Add Value and Utility in the Kitchen

How about installing a pantry? We’re seeing a lot of low-profile cabinet designs, meaning they are designed with shallow spaces. You don’t need to deal with a deep closet anymore! An important part of any kitchen renovation, a well-designed pantry allows you to stretch your food budget by purchasing in bulk.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to making an impact with your new kitchen. What about adding a custom bookshelf for cookbooks and ceramics that sits above a sunlit window seat. Or a spice rack to die for. How about a cupboard door that slips away to reveal your microwave?

Reach Out for a Kitchen Design Consultation

The friendly staff at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery have ideas from Shaker cabinets to the latest designs. We’ve installed thousands of custom cabinets in Okanagan homes just like yours. Call us today to find out how to upgrade or renovate your kitchen, or if you are planning a new home.