Kitchen design trends come and go, but there’s something elegant about two-tone cabinets. Whether you’re building a custom home in Kelowna’s Wilden neighbourhood or undergoing major kitchen renovations in North Glenmore, deciding on the style and colour of your custom kitchen cabinets can be a tough decision. Lucky for you, these classic cabinets are always in style! If you’re looking for a modern kitchen update, consider the timeless appeal of two-tone cabinets.

Add Dimension and Character

Two-tone cabinets are a great way to add charm and interest to your kitchen space. Many modern homes have basic cabinetry in neutral colours—a combination that can lack personality and visual appeal. Two-tone cabinets allow you to mix trending colours, styles, finishes, and hardware to make your kitchen unique and memorable!

Add A Splash Of Colour

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen, two-tone cabinets are a great option. You can choose a bright colour like yellow or blue for your floor-to-ceiling pantry or a deep burgundy for your centre island. When it comes to two-tone cabinet design—there are no rules! Try a neutral colour like grey for your bottom cupboards and a softer pastel shade on top. Or, you can go for a natural oak finish on your lower cabinets and an earthy sage green on top. The combinations are endless!

Mix and Match Textures

Two-tone cabinets are a stylish way to mix textures to create visual interest in your kitchen space. Try pairing solid wood cabinets that have full overlay or inset details with minimalistic, streamlined designs. You can also mix and match finishes. Try a glossy dark blue finish on your bottom cabinets and a matte buttercream yellow on top. Or go for a textured cherry woodgrain on top and a sleek white on the bottom. No matter what combination you choose, modern kitchen cabinets in different textures are distinctive and timeless!

modern white wooden kitchen interior

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