What type of bar do you want to build?

A bookcase bar? Replace books for booze or keep a mixture of both. Add a countertop, some cabinets with ambient LED light, library stools and you’re set. Now it’s time to chill out, and sip your fav Okanagan white and read Jane Austen. Your cabinets in this style will mimic book cases, a perfect match for glass doors and minimalistic hardware. Wet bars need a little more planning, as you will implement plumbing for the sink, and probably advanced electrical for a wine cooler or fridge. Keeping your cocktail foods cold, like celery and mint, along with ice cold beer all in place behind the bar really makes sense. Your countertop will accommodate a plugin and space for your high-speed ice blender for margaritas and other recipes found in the current TASTE magazine.
Whatever decor fits your lifestyle, a wet bar vs. a dry bar, we can help you plan your vision in clear detail, along with a crash course in bar cabinet design and material. It may seem like a small detail at first, but colour codes are not always easy to decipher. Start with pallets that match your surrounding room, or choose a mood to follow, like calm tropical blues or natural wood.
Features to consider for your home bar:
  • Stain proof countertop (think of the cranberry juice for your cosmopolitan cocktails and red wine)
  • Small sink and tap running water for easy cleanups and making ice (wet bar)
  • Wine fridge
  • Plumbing for your sink and running water
  • Wine glass rack
  • Glass cabinet doors to showcase your barware
  • Plugins and countertop space for bar necessities like high-speed blenders
  • Bar-funky cabinet hardware

Questions? We’d love to help you get started on the design of your new bar.

Our specialty is building custom cabinets for homes in the Okanagan. Not sure where to start? Call us for more information on how to design and build a new bar for your home. We help you make informed buying decisions by sharing our experience and knowledge of quality cabinet making in Kelowna. Our founder, Steve Webb, has over 41 years of experience to share with you.