Whether you need to organize your current closet items – or you need to make room for your latest fall shop at Kelowna’s Orchard Park Shopping Centre, customizing your closets is a great way to improve functionality and maximize space. At Spectrum Cabinet Gallery, we understand modern closet design and how unique custom closets can enhance your living space.
We can help you design these 3 top features of modern closets:
  1. Strategic Lighting
From recessed overhead lights to shelf and cupboard LED lighting, modern trends in closet design are illuminating! Light placed in dark and dim areas of your closet can make it feel much more spacious. It also brightens the area and makes your belongings much easier to find. For larger walk-in closets, we can help build in recessed nooks and feature walls that can be enhanced by art lighting and directional sconces.
  1. Rethinking the Multipurpose Closet
Traditionally, closets tended to just storage spaces for clothing, shoes, accessories, and any other household or personal belongings. Today’s closets, on the other hand, are designed with the upmost functionality in mind. Expand your dreams with a multipurpose closet! We’ll help you design unique features in the space, such as a built-in bookshelf and reading nook with a big, comfy chair or a vanity with an overside mirror, custom closet storage for makeup and hairstyling tools, and piano stool seating.
  1. Display-Style Closets
If you have a messy and disorganized closet space, it can be second-nature to turn off the lights and shut the door so no one can see inside. But you may consider custom closets, also known as California closets, that create a space worth showing off! Display-style closets feature an open-concept design with a variety of shelving, mesh front drawers and cabinets, strategically-placed hooks, and exposed valet rods for items on hangers. This style of built-in closet storage is also perfect for busy mornings because clothing, shoes, and accessories are visible and easy-to-reach.
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