Style, function, material options and new colour palettes are yours to choose from, whether planning a redesign, total renovation or new build. These are the three top trends coming up in 2021 for kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves and countertops.

1. Beyond White Colour Tones and Lighting

Colourful kitchen cabinets are a big trend for 2021 with soft colour palettes to accent existing white rooms or break away from tones altogether with vibrant colours, including complementary hardware. In future, beyond white kitchen designs will include patterns on cabinet doors, floors, or backsplashes. Coloured grout is gaining popularity, to make those white and soft coloured tiles pop with colour. If your taste is more for subdued tones, this is a good year for upcoming style ideas dominated by soft wood tones and real wood products.

2. Ergonomics

Last year, we embraced home cooking by learning new tips and tricks on breadmaking and other swoon worthy food skills. As we spent more time in our kitchens kneading bread on the counter, rolling cookie dough and prepping our fav locavore stir-fries, we learned the importance of ergonomics. Revisiting the kitchen as a workspace has taught us that home ergonomics are every bit as important as office chairs, desks and computer workstations. Customized kitchens are our specialty as we have long realized the importance of a functioning kitchen as a workspace. For more information on function and ergonomics, see our planning page.

3. Glass Doors and Open Cabinets

Finally, it’s time to show off that plate collection you’ve been storing. Glass cabinet doors are a new trend for a new year, so pull those treasures out of the attic and put them on display. Ask us about adding light to your cabinet gallery or floor to ceiling ambient lighting for a soft glow. Open cabinets are in the sights of designers and home buyers alike, as we move forward into a new year. In a move away from “shock and awe” design toward simplicity and intellectual minimalism, the kitchens of tomorrow will trend toward uncluttered comfort and that inviting ambiance that is the heart of your home.
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