Design trends are constantly shifting and changing, and for cabinets and cabinet knobs and pulls, there are many choices. While it may be hard to keep track of what’s what, it is essential if you want your dream kitchen, home office or closet to look its best. As we begin to look ahead to the end of winter, is it time to plan a renovation? We want to help you make your dreams a reality. Let’s look at some significant cabinet hardware trends for 2022:

New Metallic Finishes

If you want to add some flair to your cabinets, having handles, knobs, and bars made from new metals like gold, nickel, copper, or brass will mix things up nicely. These are particularly trendy with darker cabinets in black or deep brown.

Visible Screws

Exposed material on a cabinet used to be something most would want to avoid, but the exposed screw has changed this. It won’t work on every cabinet, particularly not for glass ones, but for certain kitchen styles, it adds a unique look. It works best in an industrial-style cabinet design.

Different Colour Cabinets

Traditionally, people prefer their cabinets to have a consistent colour scheme that is monochromatic. This might be good if you want to focus on new hardware, your view, or your art collection! But lately, changing things up by choosing a number of different colours for your cabinets is an innovative new way to add bursts of colour to any room. This is done best when having a pattern, such as two dark grey cabinets with a cabinet in between coloured white. Don’t get carried away with the colours, of course! Then choose the hardware colour that works best.

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