What are the colors you see lately in homes? Marine blue, gray, farmhouse white, chocolate brown. Quite different colors than we all grew up with. But they have something in common, which is that they are mostly calm and subdued.
But we love breaking conventions as human beings, so why not introduce a bit of vivid colour? We are now seeing pictures of homes with bright accents in orange, and even rainbow mixes that all represent an exciting experiment.
One colour that particularly stands out is ultraviolet. Selected as Pantone’s color of the year in 2018, this color has since been used in bold and new ways by interior designers. Psychologically, ultraviolet signifies experimentation and non-conformity.

How To Use Ultraviolet In Your Bedroom

The ultraviolet colour is a bold, brash purple, so you need to be careful when and where you use it. The best place to start may be your bedroom. Consider ultraviolet, built-in shelves that would go well with gray and white bedding. It will be somewhat muted by the items you place on your bookshelves. Or combine some of the shelves with a warm white – this allows the ultraviolet to shine without turning your space into a clash of colors. Light brown provides a warm complement to the ultraviolet, perhaps in your carpet or curtains. Dark chocolate brown would also provide a wonderful counterpoint to the ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet LEDs in your Bar Cabinet

If the idea of ultraviolet shelves is too bold and unusual, you might still make a statement by using ultraviolet LED lights in any cabinet that’s used for your liquor and glassware. Rather than the usual cool white or warm yellow under-cabinet LED lighting that is found elsewhere in the kitchen – or flashy blue or red that might be in the bar already, you could use ultraviolet instead. This color especially works with darker brown bar cabinets. And you can dim LED lights if the color is too much for you!

Speak to Our Colour Consultants

We understand that ultraviolet may be a daunting color to use for home decor, and that’s why here at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery, we want to provide you with all the colour options. Give your space a bold, classy feel with updated cabinets from Spectrum. Contact us for a consultation on a renovation or new cabinet project.