Traditionally our homes were the place to relax after work, and the office the place to spend long working days. Now both places have merged. With COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, work-from-home has become the new norm, and it is likely to stay awhile. With that said, this is a great time to think about remodelling your home spaces to make room for a fully functional office.

Factors to Consider for Designing Your Home Office

The proverb work is worship says a lot about the values and importance of work, but it also relates to our workstations. Think about places of worship. They are inviting, calming, and welcoming. The same should be for your home office.

The 2021 Workspace

Now that you are operating from home make your office the way you want – as you no longer need to work in a cramped cubicle. Spectrum Cabinets helps clients design adequate space to work that is spacious and specifically suited for your job.

Pamper your Eyes

If you can make your home office lake -or sea-facing, then, by all means, you must go all out. The cocktail of serenity, functionality and productivity produced by such a view is available to only a select few. When creating a workspace we can help support your personality in a very charming way.

Improving the Ergonomics

Productivity and performance are the hallmarks of getting the most of your work hours. But, to get there, you need accessories that are comfortable to use. In this marriage of form and function, investing in an office chair that comprises rotatable wheels and back support is an excellent starting point. An uncomfortable chair will harm you in the long run by affecting your health and posture and hampering your efficiency. Your desk should also be the right height for you, and cabinets easy to reach. It is your space; do it right!

Call on Spectrum Cabinets to Build or Redesign your dream Home Office

Founded in 1977 by Steve Webb, Spectrum Cabinet Gallery has over four decades of business expertise and industrial know-how designing, building and installing cabinets. We help our customers with honesty and integrity by working with them on a one-to-one basis.
Our aim is to add value to our client’s homes and uplift their living spaces. We keep in mind our clients’ budgets and offer top-drawer design and installations. Reach out to us by phone or write to us through our contact page to ask for a quote.