In times past, the kitchen was not really a consideration when designing houses. The grand old houses with awe-inspiring columns and majestic arches didn’t really have kitchens that kept up with the style of the rest of the house. These were places that were rarely visited, and food preparation was more function than art. In many homes, it was only the maids or servants who were in the kitchen.
Today, kitchens have become very much an integral part of our lives. They are now more than just a space to cook food and store supplies. These days, the kitchen is the heart of our homes. They still must be functional for easy and convenient meal preparation, but they should be beautiful to impress our guests and to enjoy every day. They need to be warm and inviting, providing the nicest space for the family to gather throughout the day.
At Spectrum Cabinets, we design modern kitchens to be functional, durable, and really, really beautiful. At the heart of this is the kitchen cabinet. These must be practical, but also stylish to fit with the decor of your entire home.
What should you consider in a modern kitchen?
  • The cabinets should be constructed from high-quality, durable materials. Typically, hardwood is the most durable. Many kitchen cabinets may use plywood for back panels. Using hardwood has many advantages – it repels moisture and humidity and is strong enough to hold the contents.
  • Pulls and hinges on the cabinet doors tend to be sleek in design, for ease of use. Hinges are concealed within the cabinet frame and move easily. Most modern cabinet hinges are made up of nickel-plated steel for maximum flexibility.
  • A modern cabinet design will ensure that you have all the drawers and cupboards you need for cooking and appliances. Garbage and cleaning supplies must also be considered. Most cabinets now go right to the ceiling to provide plenty of storage and prevent dust from collecting.

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