There’s a new kid in town! We want to introduce you to an environmentally friendly option for your kitchen renovation project. Bamboo cabinetry is taking the world by storm and, as experts in Okanagan cabinet design and installation, Spectrum Cabinet Gallery is here to answer your questions.

Is Bamboo Really Hard Enough for Kitchen Wear?

Yes, bamboo is actually harder than most typical cabinetry choices, such as oak or maple. In addition, these cabinets are attractive, naturally light-toned, and feature a soothing horizontal grain appearance. Bamboo cabinets are resistant to knocks, breakage, and chips and are easily maintained with a warm, soapy water cleaning.

Is There Only One Colour Available?

In fact, there are many different colour possibilities, from light to dark. We find that the horizontal grain’s feeling of warmth is best scene in a contemporary blonde or natural hue.

So, What’s the Environmental Benefit?

This is a big YES! Bamboo is now seen as a go-to wood for cabinetry, as it is for flooring and decks. Bamboo’s growth cycle requires 3 – 5 years from planting to harvesting, making it unmatched in terms of regeneration. Keep in mind that traditional cabinet woods can take up to 30 years to mature!

Bamboo Works for the Environment While It’s Growing, Too!

Did you know that bamboo forests provide a significant environmental benefit during their fast-growing lifecycle? Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and emits helpful oxygen. When compared to the more traditional tree types used in cabinets, bamboo produces as much as 35% more oxygen based on forest tree mass.

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