For years, we’ve been following trends in kitchen cabinets and this year is going to be amazing! Let’s jump into our 15 ideas for improving the look and convenience of your kitchen through custom cabinetry.
Create a pantry out of tall cupboards — with pull out storage shelves
Hide your pots in a deeper-than-normal drawer (with a shallow second drawer on top for lids!)
Add wooden pegs and custom inserts to drawers to better organize your tools, preventing items from shifting around
Built-in, waist-high garbage & recycling bins
Multiple cutting boards (pull-out/under-the-counter) — one with a cut out to an organics recycling collection bin below
Install narrow pull-out cupboards near the stove for handy spice, herb, and oil storage
Drop upright cannisters into a drawer with a “false ceiling” (for utensil containers to stand up in)
Add USB charging ports under your island’s countertop for device convenience
Build a “mixer lifter” inside a lower cupboard —effortlessly lift your heavy mixer to counter height for use
Have a pet bowl drawer with a toe-kick opening under the cupboards
Feature hanging wine glass storage or a built-in wine rack
Build-out countertop cupboards (with electrical outlets inside) for “hidden garage” storage of larger appliances like your cappuccino maker and toaster — open the doors to use the appliances!
Install a magnetic feature along the backsplash for attractive knives (or metal spice jar) storage
Hang an old-school pot rack
Hide a small-sized dishwasher in a drawer (yes, really!)

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