Lighting is an essential part of planning for your new kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms in the house. Of course, some rooms like bedrooms and pantries are best left in the dark for rest and proper storage purposes, but ultimately, most of our active time is spent in our kitchens and great rooms. If you are renovating, some good questions to ask are:
Will you need new cabinets, new floors, new counter tops and new appliances?
Are mechanical changes required, such as plumbing and electrical?
What ambiance do you want to achieve in this room? What mood? As a trigger for our moods, lighting is a number one consideration.


Understanding sun exposure is key to taking advantage of a full day of sunshine or softening harsh light. For early soft morning light, you will want eastern exposure so you can enjoy your espresso while the family gets fueled up with breakfast in the kitchen. Orientation in the Okanagan Valley takes on a whole new meaning when we build against the compass to face those swoon-worthy lake views, vineyards or open sky. If tapping into morning light is not possible as you orient a new house on a lot, you have other ways to let the light shine in, including customized lighting we build into your new cabinets.

Windows, Skylights and Glass Walls

It’s one thing to design your home with the ultimate eastern orientation for light consumption, but windows let the light shine in. Have you ever noticed the famous glass houses and orangeries in the past were build with tiny panes? That’s because glass making techniques did not deliver the superlative strength in structural glass manufacturing that we see today. With new technologies that make large sheets of glass strong and safe to live under, we’ve watched the evolution of the glass house with larger windows, glass walls and massive skylights. If you are in the initial stage of planning your kitchen renovation or building a new home, we invite you to call us for a consultation. Involving our design team from the first architectural stage of planning allows us to build your kitchen cabinets to the highest standards in the industry, customized for your unique lifestyle with designing for light in mind.
Our specialty is building custom cabinets for homes in the Okanagan. Utilizing glass in our designs allows the use of natural light, creating modern appeal. Not sure where to start? Call us for more information on designing rooms filled with light and customized cabinets. We help you make informed buying decisions by sharing our experience and knowledge of quality cabinet making in Kelowna. Our founder, Steve Webb, has over 41 years of experience that you can rely on.