Your kitchen is a pivotal area that compliments the walls, furniture and lighting throughout the rest of your home. When planning a kitchen design that is stunning and unique – whatever your preference and style – the colour scheme you choose needs to work with the entire floor. Here are some dos and don’ts when contemplating the choices:

The do(s) of kitchen design

Stunning cabinets

Kitchen cabinets need to be considered first. Most homeowners are going with cream or white, but use accents like textured glass or tile to add colour. That saying, your kitchen island cabinets should be something else! Try bold aubergine or marine blue. If you prefer light wood cabinetry, this will also provide the modern farmhouse feeling.

Lighting fixtures

Try over the island fixtures as a bold black accent, or coloured spheres. Whether it is a chandelier or a ceiling-mounted drop pendant, lighting is essential for adding depth to the kitchen. Brushed nickel or copper fixtures may also provide colour contrast.

Have some fun with colour

Have you thought about dedicating a wall to quirky doodles and illustrations? Maybe even have a chalkboard for penning the thought for the day or some inspirational quotes, for instance? The kitchen is a place for thinking over a cup of coffee, and what better than to capture your doodles on a tangerine or lime green-edged blackboard?
When choosing between warm and cool colours, remember to create a complementary contrast. Finally, look at the undertones and add a pop of hue here and there to build true highlights.

The don’t(s) of kitchen design

Overdoing the grey

While grey is trending and popular, no one ever said that “Grey makes my house seem so alive!” Even in a modern kitchen, grey cabinets can be too much. If you love-love-love grey, consider grey-toned tile or stone countertops. And make sure that the flooring is of a different colour – grey “driftwood-like” vinyl plank flooring may be ideal for a practical kitchen and the perfect place to introduce grey.

Don’t leave out the adjoining rooms

If you kitchen flows into a dining area or family room, having an accent wall in these places can add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Be sure to speak with the pros at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery about the colour schemes that will blend together for lasting appeal.

Colour it up!

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