Spring Into Spring With Light, Bright Colours

Many of us are planning Easter dinners to share with family or those within our safe bubbles, where we can gather in the kitchen – the heart of a home – for good food and companionship. We design kitchens for a cozy, amiable appeal with colour palettes and customized styles to suit every personality.
Spring is all about renewal, cleaning windows to let the sun shine in, and designing for the season. For home décor, you may be setting out the bunny plates and arranging fresh cut flowers. Spring colours are soft like the Okanagan morning light this time of year. Think of friendly pastel shades and yellow spectrums that cast light through your room. Spring colours, like the season, have an alleviating affect on nerves and when applied to kitchen walls, cabinets and countertops, invite a festive mood that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The colour yellow is known as cheery and warm with the psychological effects of mood elevation. Bright, bold, soft or vivid tints are possible, and you’ll want a colour easy on the eye, especially in kitchens with large windows. Like all primary colours, yellows can be toned down and softened.
Looking for a redesign? If kitchen renovations are in your plans this year, our designers will help you imagine spring colours through computerized renderings. Digital image is a great way to showcase your ideas in live format as we work through the process of colouring, cabinet construction, hardware and lighting.
Our specialty is building custom cabinets for homes in the Okanagan. Not sure where to start? Call us for more information on designing rooms filled with light and customized cabinets. We help you make informed buying decisions by sharing our experience and knowledge of quality cabinet making in Kelowna. Our founder, Steve Webb, has over 41 years of experience to share with you.
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