Your kitchen is probably the place you spend most time in your home! Especially during COVID… It can become outdated as your family and activities change, and so you are considering renovation. Some kitchens might require a complete remodel, while others are hugely improved with a top-up of fresh paint. Other kitchens need new appliances or countertops, or installation of an island. The five cues below indicate that your kitchen might need a renovation. At Spectrum Cabinet Gallery, we don’t just do cabinets – we can help with it all!

#1 – Check the Age of your Appliances and Fixtures

Do you have old appliances or lights? Due to the durability factor, are yours over 25 years old? Just like your kitchen cabinets and countertops, no matter how well-maintained, you are going to see wear and tear from usage. New designs and models can be more energy-efficient and brighten up your space considerably.

#2 – Change Your Floor Plan

What seemed a reasonably acceptable floor plan earlier may not be anymore. For instance, with many folks working from home, your kitchen might not be big enough, or it’s too close to office areas. When considering a floor plan change, reposition the appliances to conform to the kitchen triangle (sink, fridge, stove) while factoring in aisles to work comfortably, and door swings. New cabinets should be designed into the new layout.

#3 – What about Functional storage?

Does your kitchen seem cluttered or it is challenging to access lower-level cabinets? Just not enough storage for large items or recycling? One of the likely reasons for this is a change in your storage needs. Functional storage is a vital aspect for homeowners contemplating kitchen remodelling. If your kitchen does seem claustrophobic, installing pullout shelving or deep storage drawers can help. A good cabinet designer can advise you on the latest options.

#4 – Change in family demographics

Are you planning a family, or are you now an empty nester? Both might change your need for more seating space. You might need room for others who are sharing in the dinner prep. You might need a larger refrigerator, pantry storage space or a wine fridge. Now you might want to accommodate changing social needs. A dazzling quartz island, bar stools, and extra sinks are excellent starters for family cooking time or entertaining guests.

#5 – Updating the aesthetics

Simply want a change in the overall vibe of your living space? A new kitchen can impact your well-being a great deal. And with careful investment in new designs and patterns, it also helps raise the value of your property.
The family cooks in the kitchen
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