Your kitchen countertop is where the action happens – whether it’s prep, cooking or serving. For this reason, it’s a critical choice when planning a functional kitchen. It adds huge appeal to any home, comes in a variety of materials, and should be selected carefully. The experts at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery are ready to tell you about:

Honed granite for a happy glow

Honed granite is soft and has a matte finish. It is resistant to scratching, chipping and heat, making it one of the most durable materials. A drawback is that honed granite needs periodic resealing to maintain its longevity.

Polished granite for perfection

Polished granite differs from honed granite as it has a glossy finish. It handles stains well, even wine and berries. The kitchen is often the hub for parties, but you needn’t worry about someone getting tipsy and knocking over their wine on your beautiful new countertop. This surface can also handle acidic liquids. Many shades and patterns are available. So, go wild with this one.

Classy concrete

Concrete can give you a modern, industrial look with its array of colours and textures. We are seeing many kitchens with a blend of concrete, glass tiles and stainless steel for a unique style. A plus point is it is energy-efficient. Concrete is both creative and functional.


Quartz can shimmer or not. it is excellent for giving a high-end look to any kitchen. It pairs up with any other shade, so match your quartz countertop with a cabinet of any colour – eggplant or historic blue!

Warm and woody

Wood continues to feature in countertops. It is durable and perfect for food preparation. The contrast can give your kitchen a farmhouse feel. When carefully sealed, the surface can be used for chopping meat as well. A standout aspect of wood is its heat-resistant properties; you need not worry about placing hot pots or pans on this surface. It’s easy to maintain and clean.

Low-cost and lovely laminate

Finally, the most budget-friendly of all, laminate can give a trendy look to your kitchen at lower cost. There are new patterns resembling natural stone, wood and quartz. With laminate, you can hit a home run by playing around with a retro or a bright vibe. So, bring your adventurous side to the table! Remember – laminate doesn’t deal well with heat so be careful not to place pots or pans on this surface.
The staff at Spectrum Cabinet Gallery build beautiful countertops. Come in to our showroom to see samples of what can work in your new kitchen or reno. Or call or write to us to get started with kitchen remodelling.